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Users can contribute to this project by reporting issues or submitting changes. Please follow the guidelines below to help assist maintainers for this project.

reporting issues

Bugs and enhancements for this project can be submitted to this project's issue tracker. Before submitting an issue, consider the following:

  • Check if the same or related issue exists. If so, feel free to add additional information to enhancement the issue's content.
  • Including versions (such as this project, Python's version, etc.) helps.
  • For more long and detailed logging information, it is better to attach the information opposed to dumping the entire contents into the issue's body.

submitting changes

Contributions can be provided in the form of Git-formatted patches by Email or submitted through this project's pull request system. Before submitting changes, consider the following:

  • Always test any changes provided.
  • Commit messages for patches requires a summary, a body (describing why the change is being made along with any other additional information) and metadata. It is a requirement that any submitted changes provided follow the Developer Certificate of Origin. This is indicated with the inclusion of the Signed-off-by tag in the metadata. Commit messages with only "bug fix" or "addressing comments in review" are not helpful when reflecting on the history of changes for this project.
  • A patch should attempt to have a narrow scope as well as be complete.
  • Be aware that while maintainers will help introduce changes into this project, the process may take some time. Please be patient.


The following outlines a series of quirks when contributing:

  • Commit history is important. If a pull request is submitted, any commit should have meaningful message which describes the purpose of the change. There may be times where a maintainer or other contributers may request changes to a pull request. Individuals working on a pull request may either reset/re-form their commits or stack changes on the branch. If a developer wishes to stack changes onto a pull request, it is important that the newly added commit messages are describing the stacked change(s) as well. Adding a new commit with a message "updated from review" is not useful when observing history outside of the pull request.
  • The recommended maximum line length is 80 characters for this project over PEP 8's recommendation of 79 characters. This preference is not enforced by the tox configuration as there may be valid reasons for some implementation to exceed 80 characters in length. That being said, please aim for any changes introduced to not exceed the 80 character limit when possible.
  • PEP 8 "two blank lines" recommendations are not preferred in this project. Changes submitted with two blank lines may be accepted, but may also be "cleaned up" in future changes.

maintainer notes

Packages for PyPI are generated and submitted with the following commands:

$ python clean --all
$ python sdist bdist_wheel
$ python -m twine upload dist/*


Thanks for considering to be a participant to this project.