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A Verifiable Open Technology Election System


VOTES is a distributed, open-source voting system that enables transparent, secure, and accurate elections with full voter based End-to-end verifiable (E2EV) ballots. VOTES maximizes the transparency and trust of an election throughout the election process by:

  • allowing each voter to verify that their ballot is electronically cast, collected, and counted as intended
  • allowing each voter and all election officials to verify the tally of all the ballot questions
  • allowing each voter to inspect their neighborhood for fraudulent voters and/or addresses
  • allowing each voter and all election officials to inspect all the voter names and addresses across the entire electorate for possible voter and ballot fraud
  • cryptographically associating the anonymous paper ballots with the anonymous VOTES digital copies, insuring that neither set is tampered or fraudulently altered as well as supplying a third copy directly to the voter themselves, thus creating 3 separate copies of the anonymous but cryptographically signed ballot data

VOTES is an open source distributed database/repository and application that supports

  • full End-to-End validation (E2EV) of the paper and digital ballots
  • storing all the electronically interpreted scans of the paper ballots in a secure and anonymous manner
  • executing the tally of all the races via 100% open source software contained within the same repositories as the ballot data
  • creating blank ballots as a function of address
  • storing the address and name of all the voters who cast a ballot without the association of any other information - the ballots are 100% anonymous
    • if there is a previous election, VOTES can track the voter's name and address across elections allowing greater insight and transparency into potential voter and election fraud


  • voter ID solution
  • voter registration solution
  • ballot scanner nor contains ballot scanning software - VOTES receives the interpreted ballot from the ballot scanner, which could be a traditional mechanical scanner, smart phone application, or manually from an election official
  • replacement for paper ballots - VOTES requires the balloting process to start and end with a paper ballot

Additional Details

For a more detailed overview, see the file ./docs/ in this git repo. The docs folder also contains the current pitch as well as an informal security description.

VOTES is intended to be compliant to the extent that it makes sense with NIST's voting efforts (see the HAVA Act).

VOTES will attempt to leverage as much code and prior art from such projects as VotingWorks. It may be the case that VOTES will first be intergrated with VotingWorks as a proof-of-concept.

The following is a short and incomplete list of other and past voting projects:

For more information contact Sandy Currier at: windoverwater at gmail dot com

Status - 2021/02/21

VOTES is currently in the design phase - still working out the basics and trying to obtain credible peer reviews. The current priorities are:

  • Looking for technical, legal, and UX design peer reviews; positive, negative or neutral
  • Looking for volunteers to help in any way
  • Working on a kickstarter/gofundme campaign
  • Looking into potential funding

The kiskstarter project is nearly complete and ready to launch. The project video is available at However, the launch is being delayed until adequate peer reviews have been given so to independently establish the efficacy and viability of a VOTES approach to an election. Donating money and time to a doomed project is not a good thing. So, if you watch the above videa and/or read any of the summaries and can offer strong feedback, it would be greatly appreciated. It is possible that many people would appreciate it.

There is a project blog at (available via -


A Verifiable Open Technology Election System







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