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CAS Server
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Castronaut is an server implementation for the CAS (version 2.0) protocol. It is currently a work in progress but should
function properly with the latest release of Restfult Auth. More authentication adapters coming soon.




castronaut -C /path/to/config


  • Database authentication with the restful authentication encryption routines.
  • LDAP (openLDAP) annonymous bind only. Authenticated bind comming soon.


Castronaut requires a configuration file to function. Your configuration should be similar to the following:

organization_name: Foo Bar Baz Industries, LLC Inc. A division of Holdings Co. environment: development server_port: 4567 log_directory: log log_level: Logger::DEBUG ssl_enabled: false cas_database: adapter: sqlite3 database: db/cas.db timeout: 5000 cas_adapter: adapter: database site_key: 03523your093023site0985225key098290here9 digest_stretches: 10 database: adapter: sqlite3 database: db/cas_adapter.db timeout: 5000 Uncomment these to enable authentication callbacks callbacks: on_authentication_success: on_authentication_failed: extra_ui_actions: ‘Forgot Password’:

or if you are using LDAP

Use this example if you are using LDAP as your authentication source cas_adapter: adapter: ldap host: localhost port: 389 prefix: cn= base: dc=example, dc=com
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