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4c3f12b Chad Humphries Logger first pass
spicycode authored
1 *.gem
2 log
49c5051 Chad Humphries Making the rakefile obey our default settings, and updating git ignore t...
spicycode authored
3 coverage
a41177b adding database support
Aaron J. Bedra authored
ea9251b Chad Humphries Added the ability to send auth callbacks for success failure as json pay...
spicycode authored
5 tags
391a4a0 Aaron Bedra adding ignore for ssl directory
abedra authored
6 db
3779d10 Chad Humphries Cleanup to service ticket generation, and configuration class cleanup
spicycode authored
7 ssl
3fa8a5a adding support for ldap authentication
Aaron J. Bedra authored
8 config/castronaut.yml
eda4176 RCR bumping
Aaron Bedra authored
9 tmtags
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