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A Clojure client for Exceptional.


Lein / Cake

[clj-exceptional "0.7.1"]


(ns foo
  (:require [clj-exceptional :as cx]))

;; or

(ns foo
  (:use cljs-exceptional))

For the examples below I'll assume you're using the require method above.

Basic Usage

Set your key !! IMPORTANT !!:

(cx/key! "exceptional_app_api_key")

Post an exception (blocking):

(cx/post-exc (Exception. "something went wrong!"))

Post an exception (non-blocking using agents):

(cx/post-exc-async (Exception. "something went wrong!"))

"Catch" Macros

Wrap some code (catch-exc returns the caught exception):


;; => #<Exception>

Wrap some code (rethrow-exc re-throws the caught exception):

  (catch Exception e (println "Something went wrong!!!)))

;; => nil

Ring Handler

clj-exceptional contains ring handlers (wrap-exceptional-catch and wrap-exceptional-rethrow) that will add information from the request map to the post.

(def ring-app
  (-> routes
      (wrap-file "resources/public")

This will send an exceptional post containing request parameters such as :remote-addr, :uri, and :headers.


Open up an issue or send me a pull request.


  • Expose more of ring request map entries, such as :scheme, :content-length, and :port.


Copyright (C) 2010 Zachary Kim

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.