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Added predicate dispatch slides
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ambrose-bonnaire-sergeant-introduction-to-logic-programming.pdf stuart and ambrose slides
anthony-grimes-clojail.pdf Added Clojail talk.
arnoldo-muller-hacking-genome.tar.gz Arnoldo's slides
cemerick-modeling-the-world-with-bayesian-networks.pdf Added Chas Emerick's slides for 'Modeling the world probabilistically…
chouser-clojurescript.svg Added Chouser's presentation -- open in Chrome
christophe-grand-from-linear-to-incremental.pdf Christophe slides
daniel-solano-gómez-clojure-and-android.pdf Add slides for Clojure & Android talk
daniel-spiewak-extreme-cleverness.pdf Added PDF of slides for functional data structures talk
david-mcneil-concurrent-stream-processing.pdf David M's slides
david-nolen-predicate-dispatch.pdf * 2011-slides/david-nolen-predicate-dispatch.pdf: add predicate dispa…
fogus-macronomicon.pdf Added PDF version instead
kevin-lynagh-clojurescript-javascript-interop-handout.pdf Add slides and handout for Kevin Lynagh's talk on extending JavaScrip…
kevin-lynagh-clojurescript-javascript-interop.pdf Add slides and handout for Kevin Lynagh's talk on extending JavaScrip…
mark-mcgranaghan-logs-as-data.pdf McGranaghan's slides.
nathan-marz-cascalog.pdf added cascalog slides
neal-ford-clojure-masterplan.pdf Neal Ford's slides
phil-bagwell-simple-and-fast Phil Bagwell slides
samaaron-overtone.pdf Add Sam Aaron's Overtone slides.
stuart-sierra-clojure-next-steps.pdf stuart and ambrose slides

This repo holds slides from the Clojure/conj 2011.

All slides are copyright the speaker (not Clojure/conj) and unless otherwise specified by the author, all rights are reserved by the author.

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