Clojure conj 2012 Unsession Schedule

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Original topic list is here. All talks will take place Friday 11/16.

Ballroom has projector available and is better for presentation.

Willow Oak is the Speaker Ready room, down the hall by the restrooms.

The Capitol Room is up at the top of the Ramp. WiFi here may not be great, since it is farther away from the WiFi repeaters than the other rooms.

The Atrium is also available for group discussions and general hackery.

If these times don't work for your session, please work with the other session hosts to arrange a better time. I've defaulted all times to an hour, if you want to use less time, please indicate so, and we can schedule more unsessions.

| Time | Ballroom | Willow Oak | Capital Room | |--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:| |7:00-8:00 pm| Practical monads | Promoting Clojure with user groups or dojos | Clojure Powered Robot | |8:00-9:00 pm| The Refined Clojurist | Make completely functional web apps using a couple of tools we've built | Immutant - The Details | |9:00-10:00 pm| Testing Techniques, Tools, and Directions | past, present, and future | Pallet - (future pallet.core) | |10:00-11:00 pm| Codeq | Typed Clojure Concepts | Storm - getcher feet wet |