Clojure conj 2012 Unsessions

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This page is for suggestions for Clojure/conj 2012 Unsessions. We will have a couple of rooms available between 7 and 11pm on Friday, November 16th for the Unsessions.


Please add unsessions below and note your interests.

I've defaulted all the times to 60 minutes. If your session should be less, please indicate that to help with scheduling more unsessions.

## The Refined Clojurist
  • Hosted by: David Nolen
  • Description: The Refined Clojurist - Lisp, Prolog and constraint programming have a long rich history. Come find out why & how core.logic tries to keep the dream alive.
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Interest: @craigandera @semperos @bodil @puredanger @lynaghk @hby @ambrosebs @edmundjackson @acts_as_geek @ohpauleez @asolove @jkkramer @statonjr @terjesb @zerokarmaleft @wvdlaan @rbxbx @fivebats @maximoburrito @rplevy @andersfurseth @erewhon @kirankulkarni @adityo @jwalsh @daemianmack @cesar_pinera @eigenhombre @moocar @olabini @xmlblog @ddeaguiar @abrooks @ck @smnirven
## Codeq
  • Hosted by: Rich Hickey
  • Description: Chatting about Codeq, what you can do with it, and useful extensions to build.
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Interest: @puredanger @hby @craigandera @kovasb @alandipert @mtnygard @augustl @ustunozgur @richhickey @lynaghk @tommyvulgar @terjesb @metajack @jasonbray @wvdlaan @fivebats @lprefontaine @rplevy @andersfurseth @kirankulkarni @jeremyheiler @daemianmack @cesar_pinera @eigenhombre @mikemiller @markgunnels @olabini @xmlblog @ddeaguiar @abrooks
## Promoting Clojure with user groups or dojos
  • Hosted by: @puredanger
  • Description: I would love to have a discussion among those that attend or run Clojure user groups or dojos in their area. I'd be particularly interested to hear, for example, about the things that the London group is doing with dojos, or Denver is doing with their meetups for newbies, or Seajure is doing with swarm coding. How can we create more user groups, attract more attendees, etc? Can Clojure/core help with speakers, or resources for groups, etc? How do we spread the Clojure love to a greater audience?
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Interest: @puredanger @hby @technomancy @thnetos @statonjr @zerokarmaleft @maximoburrito @rplevy @Bruce_Adams
## Practical monads
  • Hosted by: @jimduey
  • Description: Many people have a hard time getting their heads around monads. In this session, I'll walk you through a series of exercises at the REPL that will turn monads from some abstract concept into a concrete abstraction tool. No category theory or advanced math required.
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Interest: @jimduey @lynaghk @craigandera @alandipert @ambrosebs @thnetos @mtnygard @aperiodic @edmundjackson @alexbachin @acts_as_geek @asolove @statonjr @terjesb @semperos @dustingetz @metajack @jasonbray @zerokarmaleft @midpeter444 @fivebats @maximoburrito @lprefontaine @rplevy @andersfurseth @moocar @kirankulkarni @flognikr @jeremyheiler @daemianmack @eigenhombre @maravillas @mikemiller @xmlblog @ddeaguiar @abrooks @ck @smnirven
## Typed Clojure Concepts
  • Hosted by: @ambrosebs
  • Description: Typed Clojure is an optional type system for Clojure which allows you to type check idiomatic Clojure code. This session will focus on the internal concepts that make Typed Clojure possible, like occurrence typing (which allows extra knowledge to be accumulated from conditional tests), variable-arity polymorphism which can express types like for map, F-bounded polymorphism and variance (as seen in Scala), unions, intersections, heterogeneous map types, and more.
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Interest: @jimduey @aperiodic @craigandera @augustl @edmundjackson @xeqi @asolove @metajack @erewhon @jwalsh @moocar @olabini @xmlblog @ddeaguiar @abrooks @kirankulkarni @smnirven
## Testing Techniques, Tools, and Directions
  • Hosted by: @stuarthalloway
  • Description: Discuss testing approaches that build upon core.match, data.generators, test.generative, and simulation. I have found a lot of benefit in using these libraries in their current state, and I think the community could help combine them into a compelling story for testing.
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Interest: @augustl @hby @edmundjackson @craigandera @ohpauleez @xeqi @jkkramer @richhickey @thnetos @statonjr @terjesb @dustingetz @metajack @jasonbray @zerokarmaleft @wvdlaan @fivebats @lprefontaine @andersfurseth @moocar @erewhon @jwalsh @daemianmack @jszakmeister @eigenhombre @tommyvulgar @markgunnels @olabini @xmlblog @ddeaguiar @ck @smnirven
## Make completely functional web apps using a couple of tools we've built
  • Hosted by: @augustl
  • Description: We've built some useful (very soon to become open sourced after some polish) tools for making web apps in a functional style. Everything from database access to app configuration and data validation is functional, which has a bunch of benefits, some obvious and some perhaps not so obvious that I'll demonstrate. No singletons and thread-local variables, yay!
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Interest: @hby @dpassen1 @craigandera @ustunozgur @statonjr @terjesb @dustingetz @puredanger @zerokarmaleft @rplevy @Bruce_Adams @jeremyheiler @jszakmeister @eigenhombre
## past, present, and future * **Hosted by:** Lee Hinman (@thnetos) * **Description:** Come talk about the documentation ecosystem around Clojure, the limitations of the existing site and how we are working to rewrite and improve it. Discuss ideas around documentation in general and what you can do to help. * **Time:** 60 minutes * **Interest:** @augustl @puredanger @zerokarmaleft @wvdlaan @Bruce_Adams @danlarkin @xmlblog @ddeaguiar ## Clojure Powered Robot * **Hosted by:** Kevin Downey (@hiredman_) * **Description:** Come hear about how Kevin built a Clojure powered robot with a demo. * **Time:** 60 minutes * **Interest:** @pjstadig @eigenhombre @mikemiller ## Immutant - The Details * **Hosted by:** Jim Crossley (@jcrossley3) & Toby Crawley (@tcrawley) * **Description:** Learn more about Immutant (an application server for Clojure - This will be an informal Q&A to discuss the what? how? and why? of Immutant. * **Time:** 60 minutes * **Interest:** @lprefontaine @maximoburrito @markgunnels @xmlblog @ddeaguiar @ck @mtnygard ## Pallet - (future pallet.core) * **Hosted by:** Hugo Duncan (@hugoduncan) & Hunter Hutchinson (@vixnix) * **Description:** Pallet is platform for agile and programmatic automation of infrastructure in the cloud, on server racks or directly on virtual machines. This will be a group discussion of the current state of Pallet and planned future development. * **Time:** 60 minutes * **Interest:** @vixnix @hugoduncan @tbatchelli @eigenhombre @markgunnels @moocar @xmlblog @ddeaguiar ## Storm - getcher feet wet * **Hosted by:** Travis Vachon (@travis) * **Description:** Come dive deeper into storm. Chat about the model, build and run a local topology, maybe even deploy a cluster to AWS using storm-deploy! * **Time:** 60 minutes * **Interest:** @travis @markgunnels @moocar @davidcjames
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