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* **Hosted by:** @jimduey
* **Description:** Many people have a hard time getting their heads around monads. In this session, I'll walk you through a series of exercises at the REPL that will turn monads from some abstract concept into a concrete abstraction tool. No category theory or advanced math required.
* **Time:** 60 minutes
-* **Interest:** @jimduey @lynaghk @craigandera @alandipert @ambrosebs @thnetos @mtnygard @aperiodic @edmundjackson @alexbachin @acts_as_geek @asolove @statonjr @terjesb @semperos @dustingetz @metajack @jasonbray @zerokarmaleft @midpeter444 @fivebats @maximoburrito @lprefontaine @rplevy @andersfurseth @moocar @kirankulkarni @flognikr @jeremyheiler @daemianmack @eigenhombre @maravillas @mikemiller @xmlblog @ddeaguiar
+* **Interest:** @jimduey @lynaghk @craigandera @alandipert @ambrosebs @thnetos @mtnygard @aperiodic @edmundjackson @alexbachin @acts_as_geek @asolove @statonjr @terjesb @semperos @dustingetz @metajack @jasonbray @zerokarmaleft @midpeter444 @fivebats @maximoburrito @lprefontaine @rplevy @andersfurseth @moocar @kirankulkarni @flognikr @jeremyheiler @daemianmack @eigenhombre @maravillas @mikemiller @xmlblog @ddeaguiar @abrooks
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## Typed Clojure Concepts
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