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Contegix Cloud API: client reference implentation

See for more information on the Contegix Cloud.

Initial Setup


  • gem install httparty

Step 1

Login into the Contegix Cloud, go to your account page, and get your API key.

Step 2

Run the following from the Contegix Cloud client source directory:

sh> ./script/console

Step 3

Set your API key, Contegix cloud base URL, and optional basic authentication information.

irb> Kronos.api_token = '84bd5f6162c79eb74f3c3d048408bea684cff73898370bacb3eee826e9e5f8ea'
irb> Kronos.base_uri = ''
irb> Kronos.basic_auth('username', 'password') # optional

Step 4

Make a sample call.

irb> Kronos::Sample.hello

This should give you

=> Result code: 200, Location:

Step 5

Work the machines

irb> Kronos::VirtualMachine.all

This will give you results like:

[#<Kronos::VirtualMachine:0x11c6ec4 @attributes={"name"=>"Host10", "template_uuid"=>"8af83d0beeb35605bb1b803d15832414", "resource_configuration_uuid"=>"d979bc02aeda53bf9bc3878a4ef2436e", "template_name"=>"EL5-64", "uuid"=>"00000010000000000000000000000000", "zone_uuid"=>nil, "zone_name"=>"us1", "resource_configuration_name"=>"1 CPU, 1024MB RAM, 80GB Disk", "ip_address"=>"", "state"=>"powered_off"}>, #<Kronos::VirtualMachine:0x11c6eb0 @attributes={"name"=>"Host11", "template_uuid"=>"8af83d0beeb35605bb1b803d15832414", "resource_configuration_uuid"=>"bb6d88778e1150c99cf5c75347852a85", "template_name"=>"EL5-64", "uuid"=>"00000011000000000000000000000000", "zone_uuid"=>nil, "zone_name"=>"us1", "resource_configuration_name"=>"1 CPU, 1024MB RAM, 80GB Disk", "ip_address"=>"", "state"=>"powered_off"}>, #<Kronos::VirtualMachine:0x11c6e9c @attributes={"name"=>"Host99", "template_uuid"=>"8af83d0beeb35605bb1b803d15832414", "resource_configuration_uuid"=>"b3bdcf9388c458e3907fff3f66421a52", "template_name"=>"EL5-64", "uuid"=>"00000099000000000000000000000000", "zone_uuid"=>nil, "zone_name"=>"us1", "resource_configuration_name"=>"1 CPU, 1024MB RAM, 80GB Disk", "ip_address"=>"", "state"=>"destroyed"}>]

You could also do:

irb> Kronos::Template.all
irb> Kronos::Zone.all
irb> Kronos::ResourceConfiguration.all

If you know the UUID to any model, you can use Kronos::Template.find_by_uuid('youruuid') to find it specifically

Creating a Virtual Machine

Step 1, find a zone.

irb> zone = Kronos::Zone.all.first

Step 2, find a resource configuration.

irb> resource_config = Kronos::ResourceConfiguration.all.first

Step 3, find a template.

irb> template = Kronos::Template.all.first

Now, let's create the vm:

irb> vm = Kronos::VirtualMachine.create!(:name => "My Cool VM", :resource_configuration_uuid => resource_config.uuid, :template_uuid => template.uuid, :zone_uuid => zone.uuid)

This vm object is a snapshot, so we have to reload it to get the latest status until the state is "powered_on".

irb> vm.poll_until_create_finished!

After ~5 minutes you should have a newly created and powered on vm.

irb> vm.state # should return 'powered_on'

Changing or destroying an existing Virtual Machine

Step 1, get the vm.

irb> vm = Kronos::VirtualMachine.find_by_uuid("some-vm-uuid")

Step 2, get the current state.

irb> vm.state  # (see below for valid state values)

Step 3, you can power on/off, reboot, or suspend/restart a vm:

irb> vm.stop!
irb> vm.start!
irb> vm.suspend!
irb> vm.start!
irb> vm.reboot!

Note that in all cases, these can take several seconds to complete. You'll probably want to do something like this until you get the state you want:

irb> vm.reload.state

Step 3, before resizing or destroying a vm you must first power it off.

irb> vm.stop!
irb> vm.reload.state # repeat until "powered_off"

Step 4, you can resize a vm by giving it a new ResourceConfiguration.

irb> new_resource_configuration = Kronos::ResourceConfiguration.find_by_uuid("some other UUID  ")
irb> vm.resize!(new_resource_configuration)

The vm MUST be powered off, and it takes several seconds to resize.

Lastly, you can destroy a powered-off vm.

irb> vm.destroy!
irb> vm.reload.state # will print "destroyed"

Known Virtual Machine states:

  • pending_deploy
  • powered_on
  • powered_off
  • pending_start
  • pending_stop
  • pending_suspend
  • suspended
  • destroyed