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This gem enables a Rails app to define custom Chef recipes while still using an awesome default set of Chef recipes. Includes recipes for Ruby 1.9, postgresql, and nginx/passenger.


To use Elzar with your Rails app, see

Local Development

If you'd like to try these Chef cookbooks with Vagrant:

$ git clone
$ cd elzar
$ gem install bundler

# creates a `provision` directory for local vagrant use
$ rake bam

$ cd provision
$ vim dna.json # edit DNA file to give a name to your Rails app with no whitespace (e.g., "my_sample_app")
$ bundle install

## Using Vagrant

Download and install VirtualBox (as instructed in the Vagrant
[Getting Started guide]( Then set up
your bundle and grab the Ubuntu Lucid VM image.

    vagrant box add lucid64

## Spin up a new VM and run the Chef recipes on it
$ vagrant up

## SSH into the VM
$ vagrant ssh

## Destroy the VM
$ vagrant destroy

## Re-run Chef recipes on the VM
$ vagrant provision

## Stop/Start the VM
$ vagrant suspend
$ vagrant resume

CLI Development

The CLI tool (bin/elzar) is built on top of GLI which is a command line parser modelled after Git. Normally any exception that occurs while running a command results in only the error message being displayed, not the backtrace. If you would like to view the backtrace you must set the env variable GLI_DEBUG=true.

GLI_DEBUG=true bundle exec bin/elzar foo


Please file issues on GitHub.

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