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* Add use_awesome_print option for logging
* Fix warning from #split called on nil
* Put tests on travis
* Clean up Rakefile and gemspec
v0.6.0 Use Rails.logger if available - avoid deprecation warnings in Rails 3+
v0.5.1 init automatically unless SAFE_LOG_BUDDY (in ENV) is set
v0.5.0 Overall cleanup and making things safer:
- move to Rspec2
- move Version into the code base as a constant and out of yml
- remove GemLoger
- don't mixin in a logger method to Object, ever -- too dangerous.
- fix issue where logged line goes away and raises exception (GH-2)
v0.4.10 Switch to jeweler; remove dependencies that were superfluous
v0.4.9 Added gem logging for debugging help when tracking down Gem activation errors
v0.2.3 Updating Micronaut
v0.2.0. Better log output of objects based on their type, very similar to Logger/irb behavior; update to micronaut 0.1.0
v0.1.5. Clean up specs and remove noise from spec run
v0.1.4. Micronauts Unite! Test Suite now runs via Micronaut -
v0.1.3. Use plain old echoe; really fix rubygems errors (I hope)
v0.1.2. Attempting to fix rubygems errors
v0.1.1. Handle exceptions from within the block
v0.1.0. Specify, clean up
v0.0.6. changed to mixing to Object by default - set ENV["SAFE_LOG_BUDDY"] = true to override
v0.0.5. update echoe dependency to work with github
v0.0.4. add dev dependencies, remove gem calls from rdoc task
v0.0.3. specs and tweaks
v0.0.2. rdocs; support for multiple statements in one "d" call separated by semicolons
v0.0.1. Initial release to github; Birthday