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# LogBuddy
log_buddy is your friendly little log buddy at your side, helping you dev, debug, and test.
@@ -11,9 +11,9 @@ log_buddy is your friendly little log buddy at your side, helping you dev, debug
Require the init.rb file to use log_buddy. By default, it will add two methods to every object at the instance and class level: "d" and "logger". To use log_buddy without the automatic object intrusion, set ENV["SAFE_LOG_BUDDY"] = true before requiring the init.rb.
You can use your own logger with LogBuddy by passing it into init's options hash:
LogBuddy.init :logger =>'my_log.log')
Now you have your logger available from any object, at the instance level and class level:
obj =
@@ -46,24 +46,23 @@ When you occasionally want to disable LogBuddy (but you don't want to have to re
-* Ruby 1.8.6 or JRuby (tested with 1.1RC3)
-* untested on Ruby versions before 1.8.6, but should work fine
+* Ruby 1.8.7 and greater or JRuby
* This is meant for non-production use while developing and testing --> it does stuff that is slow and you probably don't want happening in your production environment.
* Don't even try using this in irb.
- sudo gem install log_buddy
+ gem install log_buddy
-* Log bugs, issues, and suggestions at Lighthouse:
-* View Source:
-* Git clone Source: git://
-* RDocs:
+* File Issues:\_buddy/issues
+* View Source:\_buddy
+* Git clone Source: git://\_buddy.git
+* Documentation:\_buddy

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