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gem 'technicalpickles-echoe'
rescue LoadError => e
puts "couldn't find the correct version of echoe - please install from forked version on github:"
puts "gem sources -a"
puts "sudo gem install technicalpickles-echoe"
require 'rubygems'
require 'echoe'
require File.expand_path(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), "/lib/multi_rails"))
load File.expand_path(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), "/tasks/multi_rails.rake"))'multi_rails') do |p|
p.version = MultiRails::VERSION
p.rubyforge_name = 'thinkrelevance' = ['Rob Sanheim', 'Relevance'] = ''
p.summary = 'Testing tool to easily test agaist multiple versions of Rails.'
p.description = "MultiRails allows easy testing against multiple versions of Rails for your Rails specific gem or plugin. It also has tentative support testing Rails applications against multiple versions of Rails."
p.url = ""
p.rdoc_pattern = /^(lib|bin|ext)|txt|rdoc|CHANGELOG|MIT-LICENSE$/
p.test_pattern = 'test/**/*_test.rb'
p.eval = lambda { self.require_paths = ['lib', 'tasks'] }
# p.manifest_name = 'manifest.txt'
rdoc_template = `allison --path`.strip << ".rb"
p.rdoc_template = rdoc_template
desc "Convert the readme from markdown to html to prep for posting on blog/email/whatever."
task :email_to_html => :email do
require 'redcloth'
RedCloth::DEFAULT_RULES.replace [:markdown, :textile]
email ="email.txt")
html =
html = text_helper.auto_link(html)"email.html", "w") do |f|
f << html
desc "Do a full release of the multi_rails, including copying to stable tag, pushing docs and prepping for blog/announcement."
task :full_release => [:require_version, :publish_docs, :email_to_html, :release]
desc "Must supply the VERSION env var"
task :require_version do
raise "You must supply a VERSION=x.x.x environment var to release!" unless ENV["VERSION"]
# it should be easier then this to do some g'd autolinking
def text_helper
gem 'actionpack'
require 'action_controller' # bringing this in for autolinks
helper =
helper.extend ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper
helper.extend ActionView::Helpers::TagHelper