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Rails 3 - Relevance Style
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Rails 3 Relevance Style. This means the following:

  • Rspec 2 for specs, with focused specs configured out of the box
  • Cucumber for user level testing
  • JQuery/JQuery-UI for javascript - Protoype/Scriptaculous removed
  • Factory Girl for test data
  • Mocha installed and configured for mocking inside RSpec
  • Simple screen.css with a reset at the top

Getting Started

You can start a new Rails 3 app with the template served up directly from Github:

rails new my-app -m

To use your database of choice, use the built in -d switch to the rails command. New World Order's generated Gemfile will properly respect your database of choice. For Postgres, we reach into your database.yml and make the username postgres (instead of your application name, which the Rails generator does by default).

rails new my-postgres-app -d postgresql -m

Feedback and Other Items

  • Check out the TODO list for our ideas
  • Use Github issues for bugs
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