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Upgrade build #8

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This includes several different commits that I made in the pursuit of being able to mix in external clojurescript code with a presentation. Feel free to pick and choose if you don't like all of it.


This works well for me except two issues:

  • there is another pull request which requires one for history, so it may not be a good idea to remove this dependency
  • The is not updated with the new build procedure

I've merged this branch into my bleeding branch if you want to try it out.


I'm not too attached to the one part -- if I take that out and update the it'll be good?


It's up to @stuartsierra , I'm just a random user. The animation branch was the other user of one, but it looks like that is unlikely to get merged. Removing may be a good idea.


Superseded by later commits.

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Commits on Aug 30, 2012
  1. @gfredericks

    Convert to lein-cljsbuild

    gfredericks authored
  2. @gfredericks
  3. @gfredericks

    Import dependent code from clojurescript one

    gfredericks authored
    We're only using ~30 LOC from clojurescript one, which wasn't really
    meant as a library to begin with.
  4. @gfredericks

    Upgrade to clojure 1.4

    gfredericks authored
  5. @gfredericks

    comment out empty not

    gfredericks authored
  6. @gfredericks

    update production

    gfredericks authored
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