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Jay McGaffigan:
* JRuby support integrated from original rcov4j
Aaron Bedra:
* major refactoring
* added threshold testing
* Took on the task of keeping RCov going
Corey Ehmke (Bantik):
* redesigned index and detail XHTML
* added sortable columns in coverage table
* added file and coverage threshold filters to index XHTML
* added print-specific style sheet
* added support for custom CSS for XHTML output
Tom Dolbilin:
* identified and fixed backslash problem on win32 for generated filenames
Andrew Kreiling:
* made the index XHTML compliant
* consolidate multiple references to the same underlying .rb file
Robert Feldt:
* pointed me to dynamic uses of the tracing hooks, provided the inspiration
for RCOV__.run_hooked
* helped to refine the color scheme
Andre Nathan:
* identified a bug in the heuristics: missing propagation for lines
with only }, ), ]
David Roberts:
* reported confusing behavior when all files are ignored because they match
a regexp in the reject list
* tested the RubyGems package for win32
John-Mason Shackelford:
* reported an important bug in the pure-Ruby tracer module, which broke it
altogether in 0.4.0
* suggested a change in the CSS to make XHTML reports more readable under IE
Dave Burt:
* reported an issue with text reports under cmd.exe (should use < 80 cols)
Alex Wayne:
* reported problem with heredocs: they were not being marked as a whole if
the "header" wasn't reported by Ruby.
* reported problem with the last line of literal data structs not being
covered if there was stuff after the end delimiter
Coda Hale:
* reported problem with blocks were the first line is not being marked
and ditto for the last line when end/} is followed by more stuff
Tim Shadel:
* reported that the last comment block was not being marked even when
it was the last thing in the file
Thomas Leitner:
* reported that the SCRIPT_LINES__ workaround did not always work
* fixed the bug which broke differential reports for filenames with
special characters
Assaph Mehr:
* beta-tested 0.7.0 and found a bug in --aggregate (missing files)
Ryan Kinderman:
* suggested that -Ipath be passed to ruby instead of rcov in RcovTasks
Jan Svitok:
* reported typo in rcovtask.rb's RDoc
* implemented --annotate mode
* implemented --gcc option
* superior emacs support
* testing, refactoring...
* many other things, see darcs changes
Zed A. Shaw:
* reported and fixed segfault triggered by rspec
Lee Marlow:
* patch allowing to run rcov against a data file with no input code
Kurt Stephens:
* patch to rethrow any exceptions generated by the traced scripts after
report generation; notably SystemExit, allowing to use the exit code from
test runners under rake.
Brian Candler:
* found compatibility issues with the REXML lib included in ruby-1.8.6-p110
and provided a workaround
Mat Schaffer:
* reported missing line colorization on Safari and probably other browsers,
owing to self-closing <a> not being handled properly despite being valid
XHTML 1.0.
Sam Granieri:
* tested workaround for REXML bug
Kosmas Schütz, Daniel Berger, François Beausoleil, Bil Kleb:
* provided information about the ruby-1.8.6-p11[01] REXML problems
Chad Humphries:
* indicated that Spec::DSL::Example has changed in RSpec trunk
Jeremy Hinegardner:
* more info about REXML's bugs in 1.8.6-p11[01]