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rcov.vim allows you to run unit tests from vim and enter quickfix mode in order to jump to uncovered code introduced since the last run.


Copy rcov.vim to the appropriate compiler directory (typically $HOME/.vim/compiler).


Setting the reference point

RCov's --text-coverage-diff mode compares the current coverage status against the saved one. It therefore needs that information to be recorded before you write new code (typically right after you perform a commit) in order to have something to compare against. You can save the current status with the --save option. If you're running RCov from Rake, you can do something like

rake rcov_units RCOVOPTS="-T --save --rails"

in order to take the current status as the reference point.

Finding new uncovered code

Type the following in command mode while editing your program:

:compiler rcov

rcov.vim assumes RCov can be invoked with a rake task (see readme for rake for information on how to create it).

You can then execute +rcov+ and enter quickfix mode by typing

:make <taskname>

where taskname is the +rcov+ task you want to use; if you didn't override the default name in the Rakefile, just

:make rcov

will do. Vim will then enter quickfix mode, allowing you to jump to the areas that were not covered since the last time you saved the coverage data.