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Multi line string is being showed as a code #59

alexz77 opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Consider this code:
result_set = UserTraffic.connection.select_all("select utmcsr as source,
utmcmd as medium,
utmctr as keyword,
utmcct as ad_content,
sum(label='register') as registrations,
sum(label='create-demo-account') as demo_accounts,
sum(label='create-contest-account') as contest_accounts,
sum(label='create-real-account') as real_accounts
from #{UserTraffic.table_name}
where utmccn = #{} and label is not null#{date_conditions}
group by utmcsr, utmcmd, utmctr, utmcct")

Last 3 lines here showed by RCov like lines of code and the last line is showed as uncovered


I'm seeing a similar issue. My multi-line string shows up as uncovered. Well, the first line where the variable is declared is marked covered while the rest are uncovered. This is with rcov 0.9.10


Can you please submit this issue with the version and patchlevel of Ruby you are using, your operating system and version, and the version of gcc you are running?


Experiencing this in 0.9.11

Here's the information @abedra requested if anybody's interested:

ruby 1.8.7 (2011-12-28 MBARI 8/0x6770 on patchlevel 357) [x86_64-linux], MBARI 0x6770, Ruby Enterprise Edition 2011.12

gcc (Gentoo 4.5.3-r2 p1.5, pie-0.4.7) 4.5.3
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