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  • Depend on slushy for provisioning
  • Depend on elzar as a gem ** elzar's chef recipes stay in elzar ** relevance_rails has no knowledge of elzar's recipe internals
  • Search for local ssh public keys before querying ssh-agent
  • Improved UX around retrying failed commands
  • Fix fixtures generator
  • Generated Rails app depends on haml <= 3.1.4 due to haml 3.1.5 bug


  • add streaming output from chef convergence using a fog monkeypatch
  • retry apt-get command failures
  • add --help
  • add support for rvm > 1.12.0


  • Ruby manager agnostic - can use rvm, system ruby or rbenv
  • new APP --relevance-dev for simple QA development
  • Fix sudo on deploy user
  • provision rvmrc mirrors app's rvmrc
  • existing app users have a deploy that just works
  • fail fast in more places
  • stop and destroy provisioned instances from commandline


  • Provisioning can be done on existing apps
  • Support multiple rubies - 1.9 and ree
  • Add unit tests
  • Can run acceptance tests on generated apps - rails g fixtures
  • From provision to deploy is a 2 step process - rake provision:ec2 and rails g deployment
  • Add more error handling
  • Tentative support for multiple databases - postgresql and mysql


  • Add support for generating EC2 deployment environments
  • 'rails g deployment ' to generate a new environment
  • REQUIRES the presence of ~/.relevance_rails/aws_config.yml
  • Template aws_config.yml included with this gem.
  • Newly generates EC2 deployment environments will be wired up as new cap stages.


  • Add support for multiple public keys pushed to converged hosts.
  • Public keys are fetched from a git repo.
  • Git repo url is stored in ~/.relevance_rails/keys_git_url
  • Only the top level keys from the repo will be pushed to new hosts.
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