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Add changelog and example aws config.

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1 parent ffb7dc0 commit 929cfef7b74ccc483d4c722c46da325ca925afd1 Alex Redington and Gabriel Horner committed Mar 27, 2012
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+* Add support for generating EC2 deployment environments
+* 'rails g deployment <environment>' to generate a new environment
+* REQUIRES the presence of ~/.relevance_rails/aws_config.yml
+* Template aws_config.yml included with this gem.
+* Newly generates EC2 deployment environments will be wired up as new cap stages.
+* Add support for multiple public keys pushed to converged hosts.
+* Public keys are fetched from a git repo.
+* Git repo url is stored in ~/.relevance_rails/keys_git_url
+* Only the top level keys from the repo will be pushed to new hosts.
15 aws_config.example.yml
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+ :aws_access_key_id: <your aws access key id>
+ :aws_secret_access_key: <your aws secret access key>
+ creation_config:
+ :flavor_id: <instance type, e.g. 'm1.large'>
+ :image_id: <ami to bootstrap with. Must be some UBUNTU image. e.g. "ami-fd589594">
+ :groups: <security group to place the new deployment in, e.g. "default">
+ :key_name: <name of the public/private keypair to start instance with>
+ private_key: |
+ Include the RSA private key here. This should correspond to the keypair indicated
+ by :key_name above.

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