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Welcome to the relevance_rails wiki!

DevOps Project - Project Framework

(Who will do What for Whom, Completion Criteria, Win Conditions) is available here

Quick Note on Pivotal process for this project

How to use the Icebox in Pivotal for this project

  • Don’t do estimates and acceptance criteria for the cards in the icebox.
  • Give descriptive titles to cards so it’s easy to understand in the icebox without acceptance criteria, etc.
  • We always work from the backlog. No picking up cards from the icebox.
  • Michael N (product owner) can change the priorities of the backlog cards once estimation is complete (prior to dev starting)
  • Inactive cards (cards that were deleted out of the icebox for now for this project that are worthy of archiving) should be kept on “future roadmap” list that Larry maintains.
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