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07/16/08 - patched template query to handle HAML extensions [Matthew Bass]
06/23/08 - added Sandro's patch for help text below edit fields [Matthew Bass]
06/16/08 - fixed partial rendering calls that had been missed during RC3 refactoring [Matthew Bass]
05/07/08 - added quick_show_button option for hiding the show button on the list view [Matthew Bass]
1.0RC03 -- 02/29/08
- public API change: streamlined_model now called streamlined_ui
- added CSS IDs to each item table row on the list view (MJB)
- now outputting flash notices on the list view (MJB)
- fixed enumeration editing bugs (MJB)
1.0RC02 -- 02/22/08
- fixed show stopper bug on editing relationships (SDH)
- fixed html escaping bug (SDH)
- security check on quick add model
- security check on quick add model_name_method
- fixed bugs around STREAMLINED_SELECT_NONE
- fixed bug: was treating all delegate_targets as associations
1.0RC01 -- 02/15/08
02/15/08 - changed #breadcrumb method to #streamlined_breadcrumb
- changed breadcrumb div id from breadcrumb to streamlined_breadcrumb
- added select component that lets you select none for has_manies
- fixed habtm bug #162 (thanks ErsatzTom)
01/27/08 - fixed streamlined support for Postgres
01/20/08 - renamed db_action_filter to before_streamlined_create
- renamed db_action_methods to callbacks
New Year - working on Rails 2.0.x
- add multi_rails for different Rails version testing
12/21/07 - Moved all tests to test-spec [SDH, JNR]
10/30/07 - Moved the init code setting up various path constants (STREAMLINED_ROOT, etc) from controller to the Streamlined:Environment module [Rob Sanheim]
10/30/07 - update copyrights, urls, various other little cleanups [Rob Sanheim]
10/24/07 - Merged in Luis' additional_includes declaration [Matthew Bass]
- added classic_pagination so that Pagination would work out of the box with Rails 2.x
10/24/07 - Added :filterable option for ActiveRecord columns [Matthew Bass]
10/19/07 - Added export form with options and column selector. Removed icons. [Kerry Foley and Michael Anton]
- Added xml and stylesheet exports that match the list. Added yaml.
10/06/07 - Linked "Streamlined" branding above top menu to the default route [Matthew Bass]
10/06/07 - Applied new styling patch from ticket #114 [Matthew Bass]
10/02/07 - Removed @streamlined_items_count variable from the list action since it's not being used anywhere [Matthew Bass]
10/01/07 - Fixed bug with incorrect partial look-up for namespaced controller [Jason Rudolph and Stu Halloway]
09/22/07 - Added rdoc for the new #ui_for syntax to the top of ui.rb (ticket #93) [Matthew Bass]
09/22/07 - Applied patch to fix next/previous page buttons (ticket #26) [Matthew Bass]
09/22/07 - Updated streamlined:model rake task to use new #ui_for syntax (ticket #92) [Matthew Bass]
09/19/07 - Added :sort_column option for Addition columns [Matthew Bass]
09/14/07 - Additional options can now be set with the #pagination declaration [Matthew Bass]
09/14/07 - Created CHANGELOG [Matthew Bass]
0.9 -- 9/12/2007