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Streamlined -
Streamlined allows you to quickly generate useful user interfaces, declaratively.
Streamlined is not a code generator. It relies on you having an existing database schema,
controllers and models. If you have not done so yet, follow the instructions in the
"Rolling with Ruby on Rails Revisited" article series at... create a database and some controllers and models. Then, to make any controller
into a Streamlined controller, do the following:
class MyNiftyController < ApplicationController
layout 'streamlined'
...[anything else you want to do]
More documentation can be found on the Streamlined wiki at
NOTE: You cannot extend ApplicationController with acts_as_streamlined, only children of ApplicationController.
== Running tests
Streamlined comes bundled with a set of unit and functional tests. You must install the latest
versions of the following gems to run these tests:
* flexmock (0.6.2 or higher)
* rcov ( or higher)
* mocha (0.5.5)
* test-spec (0.4.0 or higher)
To initialize your local database and run the tests, execute:
> cd vendor/plugins/streamlined
> rake test:build_mysql_databases
> rake
If database creation task fails, make sure your config/database.yml file is configured properly
for your local installation of MySQL.
Clone or view the Streamlined Source at:
Clone or view some sample apps as: