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Use cases

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In this page you can find some use cases for Reliefweb Data Snapshots with information about how to get that data and useful links to already customized dashboards.

Getting data about my frequent searches

Do you use Reliefweb filter system? If you do, then you will probably find this tool useful. With the filters in Reliefweb you narrow down content that matches your search criteria. With this tool you can get the number of content that exists with that criteria and even how many people is interested in the same searches!

Analyzing reports historically

Do you want to know more about Reliefweb reports related to Somalia since 1996? You can check what has been the most popular topic for the country or the most affected group. Do you want to know more about the country, language, gender, age and technology(*) used by the people reading content related to Somalia?

As you just saw with countries, you can perform the same analysis with any of the dimensions that appear in the filters. You can check Reliefweb’s news coverage relating a disaster (ie: Haiti Earthquake in Jan 2010), the geographical distribution of a certain disaster type (ie: Epidemic) or get data about what organizations are most active posting humanitarian news tagged with the topic Gender.

(*) When talking about users we are getting information about sessions. For more information please refer to the Metrics and dimensions section.

Looking for my organization’s content readership

Is you content being re-published in Reliefweb? Do you want to know how much of your content was published in Reliefweb last month? What is the focus of that content (which countries, themes or disasters are the most published)? And what is the profile of your readers? You can analyze your content readership and its impact based on most popular theme, country, disaster, etc..

You can check the data relating number of content in this dashboard, changing the Organization from OCHA to yours and the Created Date with the month you want to analyze. For data about readership just change the metric from Content Published to Sessions and change the Date visited with the month of analysis for the visits (for more information about this two dates, please read the “What is the difference between Created date and Visited date?”). Tip: you can have the two dashboards (number of content and number of sessions) side to side to compare the data about content and sessions! (see section “Comparing number of content and sessions”)

How is the content of my national office performing month by month?

Imagine that in your organization you have national offices distributed in many countries. Reliefweb usually republishes the content that they generate. How do we identify the number of people who read that content (per country) and what are their profiles?

Select Reports, your organization (let’s set OCHA this time), the country of your national office (ie: Somalia) and the month we want to analyze. In that dashboard you will get the number and tags of the content produced by your office and posted into Reliefweb. If you change the metric to Sessions, you can see the readership of that content. Tip: you can have the two dashboards side to side to compare the data about content and sessions! (see section “Comparing number of content and sessions”)

Analyzing last month trends

Have you ever wondered what Reliefweb's editorial team is working on and its impact?

Just select a month in the Date Created filter and you will see what was the focus of Reliefweb’s content for that month. For example, this dashboard shows what Reliefweb posted in September 2016. Also, you can check the readership of that content by changing the metric to sessions.

What jobs were humanitarian workers looking for last month?

(addressing my jobs to the right candidates)

Are you a job poster and using Reliefweb’s platform? Do you want to find out which taxonomies were most searched by job seekers?

Simply select the Sessions metric and set Content type to Jobs. You will get an overview of the most popular tags browsed by Reliefweb users as well as their user profile (at the bottom, in the User Data section). If you want the data for a specific month, just select that month in Date Visited. For example, here is the data about the sessions visiting jobs for September 2016.

Finding a job within a Humanitarian organization

I am an Information Manager with 7 years of experience and I am looking for a Humanitarian job. What are the most searched themes within Information Management? Which organizations are actively looking for humanitarians with my qualifications?

Just select that information in the filters and the dashboard will show you historical data about the jobs that you are looking for. Also, if you change the date created filter month by month, you can check the detail for each month.

Improving my knowledge through training

As a result of my previous research, I realized that I have to improve my knowledge about Coordination and I am looking for an online course.

With this data I can identify organizations have provided this type of training. Set the filters to show Trainings, Coordination as topic and online as training format. In the dashboard you can see the organizations that provide that kind of training.

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