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OGActionChooser is an iOS control that can be used as a replacement for UIActionSheet or UIAlertView. It displays an arbitrarily long list of button items, each having a title and image. The user can select an item or close the action chooser. The items can optionally be disabled.


Sample Code

OGActionChooser* actionChooser = [OGActionChooser actionChooserWithDelegate:self];
[actionChooser setTitle:@"Choose action"];
[actionChooser setShouldDrawShadow:YES]; // default
[actionChooser setButtonsWithArray:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:
                                     [OGActionButton buttonWithTitle:@"Action 1"
                                     [OGActionButton buttonWithTitle:@"Action 2"
[actionChooser presentInView:self.view];

Delegate methods

The caller (usually a view controller) should implement the following protocol:

@protocol OGActionChooserDelegate <NSObject>
- (void)actionChooser:(OGActionChooser*)ac buttonPressedWithIndex:(NSInteger)index;
- (void)actionChooserFinished:(OGActionChooser*)ac;

actionChooser:buttonPressedWithIndex: is called when a button item is selected. You can dismiss the action chooser with the dismiss-method here.

actionChooserFinished: is called, when the user closes the view or when you call dismiss on the action chooser.

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