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Cross-Platform Desktop Automation and Script utility inspired by AutoHotKey
C++ Prolog
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Welcome, JsRoboKey was inspired by AutoHotKey, Qt, Cross-platform coding, and javascript (thanks nodejs for making javascript real) Think of desktop scripting using javascript.

Example Scripts


A simple script might look like this:

    //run notepad, wait a little bit for it to open, then send some keystrokes'notepad');

Or even better, trigger to run notepad after a certain hotkey!

rk.addGlobalHotkey('Meta+Alt+N', function(){'notepad');

(Meta) means the Windows key

getForegroundWindow() and getWindowText()

And demonstrating some new functionality, this script will run notepad and wait for it to open

function fgWinMatches(winTitle){
    var hwnd = rk.getForegroundWindow();
    var title = rk.getWindowText(hwnd);
    if (title.toLowerCase().indexOf(winTitle.toLowerCase()) >= 0){
       return {hwnd:hwnd,title:title};
       return false;

function winWait(winTitle, callback){
   var match = fgWinMatches(winTitle);
   if (match === false){
         winWait(winTitle, callback);
winWait('notepad', function(match){
    rk.sendKeys('Hello World');

A new feature onClipboardChange() which sets up a callback when the clipboard changes, think of the possibilities!

    if (typeof(data) != 'string'){ return; }
    if (data.indexOf('foobar') >= 0){
       rk.alert('foobar on clipboard: ' + data);
onKeyPress() onKeyRelease()

unstable not yet in master (hotfix_keylisten branch)

   if (key == 'F7'){
     rk.sendKeys('Hello World F7'); 

demonstrating a few of the latest features as well, after the tray bubble message gets shown, the callback gets called when the user clicks the tray message

rk.trayMsg('Hi','Check if JsRoboKey executable file exists...', function(){
   alert(__APPFILEPATH__ + ' exists: ' + 

rk.trayMsg('About','Click to open the JsRoboKey website', function(){

Need Helpers

In order to make this a reality, I am going to need some passionate helpers to get this working, we need most all of the features which AutoHotkey has, and cross-platform. The features are so many so just start coding, shoot me an email at and start by forking the repo. Make a few changes, fix a few bugs or add a few features! Then submit a pull request!


To get a usable desktop scripting library that works cross-platform, windows, linux, and mac.


First, you'll need >= Qt 5.1, then you'll need to follow these instructions here: in order to get libqxt working for Qt 5

After that, you'll have to make sure the .pro file has the correct paths to the lib files. Then it should complie just fine!


Everything here is GPL 3 to protect it from becoming proprietary.


These fellows are inspiration AutoHotkey - and Qt -

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