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Merge pull request #21 from aral/s3-static-site-cloudfront-invalidation

Added S3 static site support for Amazon CloudFront invalidation on sync.
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2 parents add5f2b + 6eacb08 commit 23d133a2f715dc684b31604ce2d4525ebd50213c @mludvig mludvig committed Feb 22, 2012
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10 S3/
@@ -555,8 +555,16 @@ def get_dist_name_for_bucket(self, uri):
for d in response['dist_list'].dist_summs:
CloudFront.dist_list[getBucketFromHostname(['S3Origin']['DNSName'])[0]] = d.uri()
+ elif"CustomOrigin"):
+ # Aral: This used to skip over distributions with CustomOrigin, however, we mustn't
+ # do this since S3 buckets that are set up as websites use custom origins.
+ # Thankfully, the custom origin URLs they use start with the URL of the
+ # S3 bucket. Here, we make use this naming convention to support this use case.
+ distListIndex = getBucketFromHostname(['CustomOrigin']['DNSName'])[0];
+ distListIndex = distListIndex[:len(uri.bucket())]
+ CloudFront.dist_list[distListIndex] = d.uri()
- # Skip over distributions with CustomOrigin
+ # Aral: I'm not sure when this condition will be reached, but keeping it in there.
debug("dist_list: %s" % CloudFront.dist_list)

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