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Troll = require('../src/troll').Troll
util = require('util')
_ = require('underscore')
describe 'Troll', ->
describe 'handling options', ->
beforeEach ->
@troll = new Troll()
it 'handles more than one option', ->
@troll.parseOptions (t) ->
t.opt 'one', 'Option one', default: true
t.opt 'two', 'Option two', default: true
expect(@troll.getOpts().getParsedOpts().one.short).toEqual 'o'
expect(@troll.getOpts().getParsedOpts().two.short).toEqual 't'
it 'resolves shorthand options assigned by hand that collide', ->
@troll.parseOptions (t) ->
t.opt 'header', 'Add a new header', default: 'X-Shakespeare'
t.opt 'collision', 'A colliding opt', short: 'h', type: 'string'
expect(@troll.getOpts().getShortOpts()['h']).toEqual 'collision'
expect(@troll.getOpts().getParsedOpts()['header']['short']).toEqual 'H'
describe 'generating help output', ->
beforeEach ->
@troll = new Troll()
@troll.setCommandLine('', '--one', '--three', 'yehaw', '--two')
@troll.options (t) ->
t.banner 'We few, we happy few, we band of brothers'
t.opt 'one', 'Option one', default: true
t.opt 'two', 'Option two', default: true
t.opt 'three','Option three', type: 'string', required: true
spyOn(@troll, 'puts').andCallFake((args...) => @buffer += x for x in args)
it 'prints the banner', ->
expect(@buffer).toMatch /We few, we happy few/
it 'formats the complex options', ->
expect(@buffer).toMatch /--three, -T <s>: Option three/
it 'formats the flags', ->
expect(@buffer).toMatch /--two, -t: Option two \(default: true\)/
it 'gets the right spacing at the beginning of the line', ->
expect(@buffer).toMatch /[ ]{8}--one/
it 'shows the default setting for an option', ->
expect(@buffer).toMatch /Option two \(default: true\)/
it 'shows which options are required', ->
expect(@buffer).toMatch /Option three \(required\)/
it 'adds the --help flag to the output', ->
expect(@buffer).toMatch /--help/
describe 'parsing the command line', ->
beforeEach ->
@troll = new Troll()
'', '--one', '--three', '1', '--two', '--four=1'
spyOn(@troll, 'puts').andCallFake((args...) ->)
@opts = @troll.options (t) ->
t.banner 'We few, we happy few, we band of brothers'
t.opt 'one', 'Option one', default: true
t.opt 'two', 'Option two', default: false
t.opt 'three','Option three', type: 'integer'
t.opt 'four' ,'Option four', default: 'default for four'
t.opt 'five' ,'Option five', default: 'default for five'
it 'builds the correct object from the arguments', ->
expect( false
expect(@opts.two).toBe true
expect(@opts.three).toEqual 1
expect(@opts.five).toEqual 'default for five'
it 'sets defaults for options that have them and are not defined on the cli', ->
expect(@opts.five).toEqual 'default for five'
it 'guarantees that required arguments are supplied', ->
troll = new Troll()
spyOn(troll, 'puts').andCallFake((args...) ->)
spyOn(troll, 'exit').andCallFake(-> )
troll.options (t) ->
t.opt 'one', 'Option one', required: true, type: 'string'
).toThrow('--one is required. Try --help for more info.')
it 'handles short options just like long ones', ->
@troll = new Troll()
@troll.setCommandLine('', '-o', 'shakespeare')
@troll.options (t) =>
t.opt 'one', 'Option one', type: 'string'
expect(_.has(@troll.getGivenOpts(), 'one')).toBe true
it 'raises if the same argument is passed more than once', ->
@troll.setCommandLine('', '-o', 'shakespeare', '-o', 'foo')
@troll.options (t) ->
t.opt 'one', 'Option one', type: 'string'
).toThrow('--one specified twice!')
it 'does type conversion to the desired type', ->
expect(@opts.three).toEqual 1
it 'raises when the argument supplied is of the wrong type', ->
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