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Drush Phing task has been updated to separate piping from output, so …

…there is no need to patch anymore.
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commit 2dcf27a7a0e4d585ae027101e67972efbac18ec6 1 parent 7353d1d
@kasperg kasperg authored
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8 build.xml
@@ -1197,14 +1197,6 @@ Configuration of which installation profile and database to use in done in
<property name="repo.url" value="${phing.drush.repository}" />
- <!-- Patch Drush Phing task to [separate piping from output
- capturing](
- This is necessary to work with tests from Phing.-->
- <phingcall target="apply-http-patch">
- <property name="patch.url" value=""/>
- <property name="patch.dir" value="${project.toolsdir}/phing-drush" />
- </phingcall>
<!-- Register as custom Phing task -->
<taskdef name="drush" classname="DrushTask"
classpath="${project.toolsdir}/phing-drush" />
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