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Added reference to Jenkins job template and demo.

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@@ -7,8 +7,10 @@ The aim of the project is to provide a build file which can be used with a
contiuous integration server to ensure clean code - check for compilation
errors, run unit tests, lint code and verify that code standards are upheld.
-It has been tested with [Jenkins]( but may work with
-other systems.
+The template has been developed with the
+[Jenkins job template for Drupal projects](
+and the [Drupal Jenkins demo](
+It may work with other continuous integration systems.
### Usage
@@ -57,9 +59,6 @@ The following must be available from the command line:
* PHP 5.2.7 or newer with sqlite extension
* Java Runtime Environment
-A Jenkins template project which utilizes the output generated by the build
-is in the works.
### Credits
The build file is heavily inspired by Sebastian Bergmans wonderful [template

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