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This is an unofficial IRC Bot which allows for fetching FreeBSD information such as Problem Reports and information about ports.
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FreeBSD - Bot

The unofficial FreeBSD IRC Information Bot.

How To Use

<GuestUser> What's a good CLI IRC Client, in the ports tree?
<CodeBlock> Check out <irc/irssi>.
  <FreeBSD> irc/irssi (irc) -> A modular IRC client with many features : Maintainer:


The bot uses Bot::BasicBot. On FreeBSD you can get this from ports. It also uses HTML::TableExtract, and LWP::Simple. You will also need the DBD::SQLite module for the factoids commands.


What would a FreeBSD bot be without being released under the good 'ol BSD License.

I Wanna Contribute

Aside from forking a new bot, I'll accept patches for things. Please make them with diff -ruN, and test them before sending them. No guarantee is to be made that a patch will be implemented and it is by my discretion.

I need help!

If you need help, feel free to find me on (codeblock). Join #offtopic or #codeblock.

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