Weather Underground Parser in Python
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To use this class/module you need BeautifulSoup ('s BeautifulStoneSoup).
For debugging stuff, I use marcbelmont's python-print_r,
  found here:
  This makes things easier when dealing with embedded dicts like we are.

The class should work something like this:
   >>> import underground
   >>> weather = underground.Forecast("New York, NY").RetrieveForecast(unicode=False)
   >>> weather
   {'low': {'fahrenheit': '18', 'celsius': '-8'}}

   >>> from print_r import print_r # (
   >>> print_r(weather)
   low = <type 'dict'>
       celsius = -8
       fahrenheit = 18

Note, this is a very new lib that I'm making for two purposes:
   1) To make it easy to grab data to generate dynamic weather images
      using PIL for a friend's project in TV Studio Class.
   2) To learn BeautifulSoup better, because it's a great library,
      I just don't know how to use it well yet.

Because this library (PyUnderground) is so new, it doesn't do much yet.
As of the next commit, fahrenheit/celsius *low* temperatures should work,
for any number of days in a forecast, 1-6.