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Callsign Gem

Build Status

This gem accesses the API, made by Joshua Dick, W1JDD.

The original version of this gem was one of my (N8SQL) first Ruby projects. It wasn't great, and with version 2.x I hope to change that.

How to use

Invalid callsigns, or attempts to use callsign when is down for its daily update will result in an exception being thrown. You should catch these if you need to handle it gracefully.

They are called InvalidCallsignException and CallookUpdateException respectively.

>> require 'rubygems'
>> require 'callsign'

>> me = 'n8sql'
=> #<Hashie::Mash address=#<Hashie::Mash attn="" line1="410 HERMS CT APT 14" line2="BARBERTON, OH 44203"> current=#<Hashie::Mash callsign="N8SQL" operClass="GENERAL"> location=#<Hashie::Mash gridsquare="EN90ex" latitude="40.999965" longitude="-81.589174" quality="87"> name="RICHARD B ELROD" otherInfo=#<Hashie::Mash expiryDate="10/30/2020" frn="0011477486" grantDate="10/30/2010" lastActionDate="11/17/2011" ulsUrl=""> previous=#<Hashie::Mash callsign="KB3LLM" operClass="TECHNICIAN"> status="VALID" trustee=#<Hashie::Mash callsign="" name=""> type="PERSON">


>> me.current.callsign
=> "N8SQL"

>> invalid = 'ZZ2YYY'
InvalidCallsignException: Invalid callsign

Contributing, Licensing, etc.

I gladly accept contributions to this project. I would be even more thrilled if they included tests to go along with them. The project is released under the MIT license. Information about the Callook API can be found at

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