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A collection of quick-info network tools in PHP (and a URL shortener).
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Fix whois bug where referral server could have whitespace

Signed-off-by: Ricky Elrod <>
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What is

Build Status is a collection of quick-info tools written in PHP. It allows you to use curl (or any http client) to quickly retrieve information from an easy-to-remember url.

The goal of this project is to just make an easy to use, little-of-everything tool that works on any device or in any script in any situation. So far, some interesting ideas have been requested (and implemented). If you have an idea for a feature you would like to see, please either (order of preference):

  • Fork, Add feature, Send pull request for review/merge.
  • Ask relrod on irc (freenode). We also now have #dagd on
  • File it in the issue tracker

Because a goal of this project is to have it work for many purposes/situations, I encourage feedback, ideas, participation, and interaction with this project. Have some fun with it :)


@martinbrandenburg runs a proxy on IPv6 which allows to work over IPv6, and an AAAA record has been pointed to it. Thanks!

What currently works?

curl will give you a list of what is currenly available on the live site.

What is planned?

Eventually the following will work.

  • /i/ - return info about (including up/down), such as the title of the page.
  • /port/ - check if port 80 is open on - this will be limited if implemented.
  • /bl/ - check to see if an IP is on a dnsbl. (Thanks for the idea @Ttech!)
  • Any other ideas you would like to see.
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