An IRC bot that lets you query the package database of many distributions/repositories.
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An IRC bot which provides information about packages in various distros' repos.

Using it

The bot is written in Python and requires the following modules:

  • twisted
  • requests
  • beautifulsoup

On Fedora and RHEL, this can be obtained with: yum install python-twisted python-requests python-BeautifulSoup

(On RHEL/CentOS this requires EPEL.)

There's a set of scripts that determine how to obtain search results for a given distro.

This is all still a work in progress, but I'd like to have at least two ways to obtain package information:

  • Call a web service API (e.g. the one on
  • Periodically obtain (and use) a package database to search.
    • This is for distros that don't offer a web interface to their pkgdb.

In an irc channel, you can query the bot using:

  • .pkg fedora 17 kernel
  • .pkg archlinux firefox
  • .pkg ubuntu bash
  • .pkg debian emacs
  • ... etc.

How it works

How it works internally varies greatly based on which distro is being queried.

Distro/Repo Key (to query bot with) Summary
Arch Linux* archlinux Queries the JSON API at[...]
* Does not currently support "AUR" packages.

What distros are supported?

Everything listed in the above table is currently supported. However, I would like to support the following soon, as well:

  • Fedora
  • EPEL
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • FreeBSD
  • NetBSD
  • Homebrew (OS X)
  • [your favorite distro here]

I'd also eventually like to support a .provides command that takes a distro argument and a file path argument, and determines which package owns the file. Example:

< relrod> .provides fedora-17 /usr/bin/firefox
< pkgbot> relrod: firefox

License & Hacking

Licensed under GPLv2+.

When hacking please ensure all tests pass (when they exist).

Also please ensure that your code passes PEP8 tests.

A good .git/hooks/pre-commit hook is: find -name '*.py' | xargs pep8 (and ensure the hook is chmod +x).