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EthSites: Welcome to the Eth Wide Web

This is the code repository for

The code basically consists of a Registry contract that holds pointers to the actual websites themselves. The websites (right now) are stored in their own contracts that are deployed by the registry contract on chain. There is also some bootstrapper JavaScript that we have provided unminified in boostrapper.js that goes and gets the actual website data and displays it on the page. The one liner of javascript below in turn loads the bootstrapper code and executes it.

Uploading a new Site

We have provided a python script you can use to upload your own website to the EthSites registry. You can use pip install requirements.txt and then run python3 ./ -h for help text. If you have access to a full node, you can tweak the code to point back at your code instead of Infura. If using infura, make sure to export INFURA_API_KEYS so the environment is prepopulated before running the script. Here's an example:

python --start-gas 8000000 -r "<some infura key>:443" "Some raw private key exported from metamask" "some deployed registry contract address such as 0x0e46..." mywebsite.html
(venv) ➜  EthSites git:(master) ✗ python -h 
usage: [-h] [-r RPC_URL] [-t TIMEOUT] [--gas-price GAS_PRICE]
                 [--start-gas START_GAS]
                 key reg_addr filepath

Tool to upload/store files to the Ethereum blockchain

positional arguments:
  key                   The Ethereum raw private key for the address that you wish to use to store with. This address must have enough money to store with.
  reg_addr              The address of the registry contract stored on chain.
  filepath              Path to file to upload.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -r RPC_URL, --rpc-url RPC_URL
                        The HTTP RPC Endpoint URL you wish to use.
  -t TIMEOUT, --timeout TIMEOUT
                        The timeout to wait, in seconds.
  --gas-price GAS_PRICE
                        Gas price to pay.
  --start-gas START_GAS
                        Amount of Gas to pay in Wei.
(venv) ➜  EthSites git:(master) ✗ 

Contract Deployment

The existing contract deployments are deployed on mainnet at 0x0e46d03b99aaa8b8cc093ffed5855b92d61f9609 for the Registry contract and 0x4CecEC099a5c8B554e6Ec0cdb7B7623f5016e20b for the Bootstrapper contract.

The contracts are also on ropsten at 0x1cdb4edd89390a6c62496534de721050e3a00ab5 (Registry) and 0x2829e431812cc3947f8471084ae013af0017ecb9 (Bootstrapper).

If you wish to deploy this contract on your own private testnet, see


GPL 3.0 or later.


This code was furiously written at the IC3 2019 Blockchain Boot Camp.

Primarily written by Tyler Kell (Cornell Tech, IC3), Drake Eidukas(University of Illinois, IC3), and Phil Daian (Cornell Tech, IC3)

We offer absolutely no support, guarantees, advice, or other help with this software. If you like it, use it.


Welcome to your website on the Ethereum Wide Web




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