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Build full-stack web apps with only HTML and CSS

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Remake is an open-source framework for creating editable web apps with just a few custom HTML attributes.

💎 Simple, easy-to-learn syntax
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 User accounts & database built-in
✍️ Inline editing & uploads for all users
🚫 No backend coding! (unless you want to 👩‍💻)

👉 Get started with the full docs! 📖

🤔 Why Remake?

"Remake gives me an entirely new feeling of comfort around coding. It's what I imagine web development should be." — Arav Narula

Diagram of how Remake works

Remake does what most frameworks do in 100 lines of code in 1 line of HTML.

<h1 object key:text="@innerText" edit:text>{{text}}</h1>

This 👆 is a full app that users can login to. Each user can edit & share their own copy of this site! 📰 📰 📰

👩‍🎨 Let people use something you designed — right away.

Remake is:

🏭 Full-stack apps with just front-end code

Remake takes care of the rest: user accounts, persistent data, instant deployments, and routing. Each user gets their own account and data.

🛩 Real apps — not just prototypes

Remake feels like prototyping because it was designed to. The goal was to make web development feel like using a single template and a single JSON file.

🎨 100% control of your design

Remake is open source. You own the code. There's no platform lock-in and you have 100% control over your app's design.

🌍 Secure, scalable, and fast

Highly secure authentication. And server-rendered, so your pages load quickly even on low-power devices and slow connections.

👩‍🏫 Get started

1. Install Node.js (12.16+)

2. Create a project using the Remake CLI

npx remake create my-app

3. Run the project

cd my-app
npm run dev

You now have an app running at http://localhost:3000. Your app's code is in the /app directory and your database is in the /app/data directory.

👉 Dive into the recipes 🤿

👨‍🏭 What can you build?

Remake is perfect for building page builders, where each of your users can edit their own content.

👉 Other project ideas 👩‍💻

Trello clone built with Remake

⬆️ A Trello clone app built in Remake

💾 Tech Stack

Built on Express.js
Uses Passport.js and Bcrypt to secure user accounts
Handlebars renders templates server-side
One-click file uploads with express-fileupload
One line instant deploy with remake deploy
Syncs client state and server state automatically
Built-in inline edit popovers

🚀 Remake’s Mission

⚖️ Remake's goal is to equalize power on the internet.

A few companies own the platforms the rest of us publish on — but owning our own platform is usually out of the question. Remake lets you build your own platform with very little effort — using just HTML & CSS.

👉 Join our Discord community 💬

👩‍💻 Contributing

Remake is open-source and contributions are desired 😍

If you identify with Remake's mission, we'd be delighted to have you:

  • Test & report bugs
  • Suggest features / fix issues
  • Improve the documentation
  • Or just email me!

👉 Create your first issue

👩‍💻 Our Contributors


Remake framework used by the Remake CLI to generate new projects







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