Public feeds for OpenWRT (all these desire to move upstream, this is just the development area)
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Public feeds for OpenWRT.

These are maintained for two purposes:

  1. Develop new or alternate packages prior to upstream inclusion
  2. Provide updates to packages when upstream has frozen or moved on

In other words, there are two sorts of packages here. Firstly, immature, untested, possibly even unused packages. And secondly, well tested packages for older builds.

Current OpenWrt releases and their status

  • Backfire (10.03) All packages should still work, but no longer tested. Support and workarounds have not been dropped.
  • Attitude Adjustment (12.09) As Backfire
  • Barrier Breaker (14.07) As Backfire
  • Chaos Calmer (15.05) Should work without issues
  • Master/Trunk Should work without issues.

Note that there are duplicate packages here! Some packages are also available upstream, with exactly the same version, simply with less old release backage.

NOTE: This is only a feed, ie, recipes for building. This does not include binaries for any architecture, for any release.


  1. Add this to your feeds.conf

    src-git owrt_pub_feeds git://


    src-link owrt_pub_feeds /where/you/cloned/this/repo


    src-git owrt_pub_feeds git://;branch_xx

  2. ./scripts/feeds update owrt_pub_feeds

  3. ./scripts/feeds install -p owrt_pub_feeds -a

  4. make menuconfig and choose the new packages :)

Known issues

If any of the packages in this feed are already in the upstream feed, you may have problems where running "update" keeps building the same (old) version. This is a common problem for the mosquitto package. The OpenWrt build system sees it already has a definition for the mosquitto package installed, from the upstream feed, and only checks that feed for updates. The workaround is to uninstall the problem package, and reinstall it, preferentially from the desired feed.

  1. ./scripts/feeds uninstall mosquitto
  2. ./scripts/feeds install -p owrt_pub_feeds mosquitto

See also the github issues