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ndncon (NDN conferencing tool) is a OS X Cocoa application which uses NDN-RTC library for providing audio/video conferencing functionality. ndncon introduces a "Video Twitter" usage paradigm however it can also be used for establishing point-to-point real-time calls and many-to-many conferences.

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Video Twitter Paradigm

NDN-RTC offers hard challenges to overcome in order to enable low-latency communication on NDN network. Our development team put all efforts on solving these crucial streaming issues. We acknowledge, however, that in order to provide conferencing tool with traditional approach, there is a need in reliable NDN-signaling conferencing protocol which will allow users to "Call-in", "Answer/Reject call", etc. We decided to put aside development of such protocol as for right now and focus on optimizing streaming experience. Such protocol can be a good engineering and research topic for interested parties. Thus, current versions of ndncon offer new "Video Twittter" approach.

Think of it as a conventional Twitter, but instead of tweets you have your media streams - audio, video or screen sharing. Once you started publishing your streams and you are discoverable on NDN network, anyone can "follow" you - start fetching your streams. In order to establish bi-directional calls, we introduced group chats and auto-fetching mechanism: if enabled, you'll automatically fetch available media streams from users joining the chat.

This approach gives us more freedom to experiment with low-latency video distribution and works equally good for live streaming as well as for multi-peer bi-directional conferences.


ndncon was released with the desire to encourage NDN-community and interested enthusiasts to start using NDN network extensively through real-time audio/video communication. Besides that, we believe that the usage of this app will help us improve the network architecture and also improve real-time communication algorithms implemented in NDN-RTC.


  • MacOS X 10.9 or later;
  • NFD or ndnd-tlv forwarder installed.


  • for any found issues/suggestions, please create an issue in the Redmine with the prefix “[NdnCon]” in the issue subject;
  • attach MacOS crash report, if available.

User guide

Please, refer to this wiki page for more details on how to use&configure ndncon and NFD. Download

Please, refer to this github page where any release can be downloaded.

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