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Using geckodriver with Selenium
2016-11-06 23:53:00 -4000
In order to control Firefox 48+ with Selenium, you'll need to install geckodriver and put it in the PATH.
selenium geckodriver firefox node

With Firefox 48+ using Gecko engine, you'll need to install geckodriver in order to use Selenium.

You can install geckodriver here, or if you're on Mac, you can install it with homebrew:

$ brew install geckodriver

If you installed without homebrew, you'll need to make sure that the executable is found in the system path:

# append to your bash config file (e.g., `~/.bashrc`)
export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/geckodriver

Now you can [launch a Firefox browser]({% post_url 2016/2016-11-25-webdriverjs-launch-browser %}) with Selenium.