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Error: Incorrectly eaten value #463

APixelVisuals opened this issue Jan 7, 2020 · 3 comments

Error: Incorrectly eaten value #463

APixelVisuals opened this issue Jan 7, 2020 · 3 comments


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@APixelVisuals APixelVisuals commented Jan 7, 2020

Incorrectly eaten value

I got an error while extending the remark-parse parser:

Error: Incorrectly eaten value: please report this warning on
    at validateEat (/home/apixel/Documents/project/node_modules/remark-parse/lib/tokenizer.js:147:11)
    at eat (/home/apixel/Documents/project/node_modules/remark-parse/lib/tokenizer.js:232:7)
    at Of.remarkParse.Parser.inlineTokenizers.userTag (/home/apixel/Documents/project/modules/misc/Image.js:12:28)
    at Of.tokenize [as tokenizeInline] (/home/apixel/Documents/project/node_modules/remark-parse/lib/tokenizer.js:58:18)
    at Of.paragraph (/home/apixel/Documents/project/node_modules/remark-parse/lib/tokenize/paragraph.js:115:20)
    at Of.tokenize [as tokenizeBlock] (/home/apixel/Documents/project/node_modules/remark-parse/lib/tokenizer.js:58:18)
    at Of.parse (/home/apixel/Documents/project/node_modules/remark-parse/lib/parse.js:33:20)
    at Function.parse (/home/apixel/Documents/project/node_modules/unified/index.js:271:45)
    at Image.markdownText (/home/apixel/Documents/project/modules/misc/Image.js:94:36)
    at module.exports (/home/apixel/Documents/project/modules/messageImage.js:45:36)


  • OS: Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon
  • Packages: remark-parse v7.0.2, unified v8.4.2
  • Env: Node.js v10.18.0, NPM v6.13.4

Steps to reproduce

const remarkParse = require("remark-parse");

remarkParse.Parser.prototype.inlineTokenizers.userTag = (eat, value, silent) => {

    const match = /<@!?[0-9]+>/.exec(value);

    if ((match) && (silent)) return true;
    else if (match) return eat(match[0])({
        type: "userTag",
        children: [{ type: "text", value: match[0].replace(/[<>@!]/g, "") }]
remarkParse.Parser.prototype.inlineTokenizers.userTag.locator = (value, fromIndex) => value.indexOf("<", fromIndex);
remarkParse.Parser.prototype.inlineMethods.splice(remarkParse.Parser.prototype.inlineMethods.indexOf("text"), 0, "userTag");

const markdownParser = require("unified")().use(remarkParse);

markdownParser.parse("asd asd <@!196795781410324480> asdasd")

Expected behavior

<@!196795781410324480> should be parsed as a userTag.

Actual behavior

I get the error above.


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@APixelVisuals APixelVisuals commented Jan 7, 2020

Misclicked, sorry


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@ChristianMurphy ChristianMurphy commented Jan 7, 2020

@APixelVisuals the value is correctly eaten, you need guard statements to ensure the value you are looking for matches your expected pattern.
See for an example.

In your case the guard could look something like:

if (
  value.charAt(0) !== "<" ||
  value.charAt(1) !== "@" ||
  value.charAt(2) !== "!" ||
  value.length < 5
) {

add it anywhere inside the userTag function before eat is called.


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@APixelVisuals APixelVisuals commented Jan 7, 2020

Thanks for the help, everything is working fine now.

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