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Rematch plugin for type-checking state at runtime. Uses prop-types for describing expected type shape.


npm install @rematch/typed-state

If your project doesn't have prop-types package yet, you need to add it as well:

npm install prop-types


Use typings property to describe the shape of model's state, and add typed-state plugin when initializing a store:

import T from 'prop-types'
import { init } from '@rematch/core'
import typedStatePlugin from '@rematch/typed-state'

const user = {
	state: {
		name: 'Jon',
		age: 25,
		isDeveloper: true,
		address: {
			country: 'US',
			city: 'New York',
	typings: {
		name: T.string.isRequired,
		age: T.number.isRequired,
		isDeveloper: T.bool,
		address: T.shape({
			country: T.string.isRequired,
			city: T.string,
	reducers: {
		updateName: (state, name) => ({

const store = init({
	models: { user },
	plugins: [typedStatePlugin()]

With that in place, if you try to update the state with invalid value type, you'll get a warning in developer tools:


// > console.warn
// > [rematch] Invalid property `name` of type `undefined` supplied to `user`, expected `string`.

Please refer to prop-types documentation for a full list of available validations.