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RemAuth is a passwordless authentication cloud service which provides simple and secure capabilities to authenticate and to register users:

  • Simple user experience: Real-time authentication on click/tap.
  • Concurrent multi-factor: Email, SMS, Mobile App and QR.
  • End-to-End security: Ciphered, tracked, ephemeral transactions.
  • Seamless integration: Standard REST API.

As it is a standard HTTP API, the service itself doesn't have specific requirements to integrate it in enterprise applications and services.

The goal of this repository is to share some librairies in order to make the integration of the RemAuth service even simpler.


  • The PHP library is a class with a few methods which cover the main cases of request to RemAuth API from a server.
  • The JavaScript library aims at simplifying the integration of RemAuth authentication service in web pages and applications by providing some basic communication and user interface methods.
  • The examples implement some simple authentication cases using an email address or a QR-code.

Willing to contribute?

Wanting to help? Great! Go ahead and fork our repo, make your changes and send us a pull request.

We are especially interested by libraries for other computing languages (Java, Python, Swift...) and other user languages to extend localization.