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Introduction to Python for Psychologists (WS19/20)

This repo contains an introduction to open and reproducible scientific programming for psychologists in Python held at the University of Frankfurt, Department of Psychology by Rebecca Mayer and Dominik Kraft.

The course is intended for students who are new to programming.

If you have not yet done so Download and install Anaconda, a scientific Python distribution. Anaconda comes with many or most of the Python packages a researcher needs. It also comes with the Jupyter Notebook, a great starting point for learning and using Python for conducting research.


We will upload the weekly course materials prior to each session. To follow the course, please download the respective notebook/script. Additional materials, such as .csv files, will be also available here.

Tentative structure

Date Topic Assignment until
17.10 Introduction (types, lists) 22.10 - 11.59 pm
24.10 Dictionaries, tuples, errors, modules 29.10 - 11.59 pm
31.10 Sets, dataframes, pandas 05.11 - 11.59 pm
07.11 Control flow operators 12.11 - 11.59 pm
14.11 Functions 19.11 - 11.59 pm
21.11 Classes 26.11 - 11.59 pm
28.11 Data frame handling I 03.12 - 11.59 pm
05.12 Data frame handling II - Hands on 10.12 - 11.59 pm
12.12 Recap & visualization -
19.12 PsychoPy I -
+++++++++ Holidays +++++++++
16.01 PsychoPy II -
23.01 PsychoPy III -
30.01 PsychoPy IV 04.02 - 11.59 pm
06.02 Recap: Data frame handling -


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