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import os
import glob
from lib.beets.mediafile import MediaFile
import headphones
from headphones import db, logger, helpers, importer
def libraryScan(dir=None):
if not dir:
dir = headphones.MUSIC_DIR
dir = str(dir)
except UnicodeEncodeError:
dir = unicode(dir).encode('unicode_escape')
if not os.path.isdir(dir):
logger.warn('Cannot find directory: %s. Not scanning' % dir)
myDB = db.DBConnection()
# Clean up bad filepaths
tracks ='SELECT Location, TrackID from tracks WHERE Location IS NOT NULL')
for track in tracks:
if not os.path.isfile(track['Location'].encode(headphones.SYS_ENCODING)):
myDB.action('UPDATE tracks SET Location=?, BitRate=?, Format=? WHERE TrackID=?', [None, None, None, track['TrackID']])'Scanning music directory: %s' % dir)
new_artists = []
bitrates = []
myDB.action('DELETE from have')
for r,d,f in os.walk(dir):
for files in f:
# MEDIA_FORMATS = music file extensions, e.g. mp3, flac, etc
if any(files.lower().endswith('.' + x.lower()) for x in headphones.MEDIA_FORMATS):
song = os.path.join(r, files)
file = unicode(os.path.join(r, files), headphones.SYS_ENCODING, errors='replace')
# Try to read the metadata
f = MediaFile(song)
logger.error('Cannot read file: ' + file)
# Grab the bitrates for the auto detect bit rate option
if f.bitrate:
# Try to find a match based on artist/album/tracktitle
if f.albumartist:
f_artist = f.albumartist
elif f.artist:
f_artist = f.artist
if f_artist and f.album and f.title:
track = myDB.action('SELECT TrackID from tracks WHERE CleanName LIKE ?', [helpers.cleanName(f_artist +' '+f.album+' '+f.title)]).fetchone()
if not track:
track = myDB.action('SELECT TrackID from tracks WHERE ArtistName LIKE ? AND AlbumTitle LIKE ? AND TrackTitle LIKE ?', [f_artist, f.album, f.title]).fetchone()
if track:
myDB.action('UPDATE tracks SET Location=?, BitRate=?, Format=? WHERE TrackID=?', [file, f.bitrate, f.format, track['TrackID']])
# Try to match on mbid if available and we couldn't find a match based on metadata
if f.mb_trackid:
# Wondering if theres a better way to do this -> do one thing if the row exists,
# do something else if it doesn't
track = myDB.action('SELECT TrackID from tracks WHERE TrackID=?', [f.mb_trackid]).fetchone()
if track:
myDB.action('UPDATE tracks SET Location=?, BitRate=?, Format=? WHERE TrackID=?', [file, f.bitrate, f.format, track['TrackID']])
# if we can't find a match in the database on a track level, it might be a new artist or it might be on a non-mb release
# The have table will become the new database for unmatched tracks (i.e. tracks with no associated links in the database
myDB.action('INSERT INTO have (ArtistName, AlbumTitle, TrackNumber, TrackTitle, TrackLength, BitRate, Genre, Date, TrackID, Location, CleanName, Format) VALUES( ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)', [f_artist, f.album, f.track, f.title, f.length, f.bitrate, f.genre,, f.mb_trackid, file, helpers.cleanName(f_artist+' '+f.album+' '+f.title), f.format])'Completed scanning of directory: %s' % dir)'Checking filepaths to see if we can find any matches')
# Now check empty file paths to see if we can find a match based on their folder format
tracks ='SELECT * from tracks WHERE Location IS NULL')
for track in tracks:
release = myDB.action('SELECT * from albums WHERE AlbumID=?', [track['AlbumID']]).fetchone()
year = release['ReleaseDate'][:4]
except TypeError:
year = ''
artist = release['ArtistName'].replace('/', '_')
album = release['AlbumTitle'].replace('/', '_')
releasetype = release['Type'].replace('/', '_')
if release['ArtistName'].startswith('The '):
sortname = release['ArtistName'][4:]
sortname = release['ArtistName']
if sortname.isdigit():
firstchar = '0-9'
firstchar = sortname[0]
albumvalues = { '$Artist': artist,
'$Album': album,
'$Year': year,
'$Type': releasetype,
'$First': firstchar,
'$artist': artist.lower(),
'$album': album.lower(),
'$year': year,
'$type': releasetype.lower(),
'$first': firstchar.lower()
folder = helpers.replace_all(headphones.FOLDER_FORMAT, albumvalues)
folder = folder.replace('./', '_/').replace(':','_').replace('?','_')
if folder.endswith('.'):
folder = folder.replace(folder[len(folder)-1], '_')
if not track['TrackNumber']:
tracknumber = ''
tracknumber = '%02d' % track['TrackNumber']
title = track['TrackTitle']
trackvalues = { '$Track': tracknumber,
'$Title': title,
'$Artist': release['ArtistName'],
'$Album': release['AlbumTitle'],
'$Year': year,
'$track': tracknumber,
'$title': title.lower(),
'$artist': release['ArtistName'].lower(),
'$album': release['AlbumTitle'].lower(),
'$year': year
new_file_name = helpers.replace_all(headphones.FILE_FORMAT, trackvalues).replace('/','_') + '.*'
new_file_name = new_file_name.replace('?','_').replace(':', '_')
full_path_to_file = os.path.normpath(os.path.join(headphones.MUSIC_DIR, folder, new_file_name)).encode(headphones.SYS_ENCODING, 'replace')
match = glob.glob(full_path_to_file)
if match:'Found a match: %s. Writing MBID to metadata' % match[0])
unipath = unicode(match[0], headphones.SYS_ENCODING, errors='replace')
myDB.action('UPDATE tracks SET Location=? WHERE TrackID=?', [unipath, track['TrackID']])
myDB.action('DELETE from have WHERE Location=?', [unipath])
# Try to insert the appropriate track id so we don't have to keep doing this
f = MediaFile(match[0])
f.mb_trackid = track['TrackID']
myDB.action('UPDATE tracks SET BitRate=?, Format=? WHERE TrackID=?', [f.bitrate, f.format, track['TrackID']])
logger.debug('Wrote mbid to track: %s' % match[0])
logger.error('Error embedding track id into: %s' % match[0])
continue'Done checking empty filepaths')'Done syncing library with directory: %s' % dir)
# Clean up the new artist list
unique_artists = {}.fromkeys(new_artists).keys()
current_artists ='SELECT ArtistName, ArtistID from artists')
artist_list = [f for f in unique_artists if f.lower() not in [x[0].lower() for x in current_artists]]
# Update track counts'Updating track counts')
for artist in current_artists:
havetracks = len('SELECT TrackTitle from tracks WHERE ArtistID like ? AND Location IS NOT NULL', [artist['ArtistID']])) + len('SELECT TrackTitle from have WHERE ArtistName like ?', [artist['ArtistName']]))
myDB.action('UPDATE artists SET HaveTracks=? WHERE ArtistID=?', [havetracks, artist['ArtistID']])'Found %i new artists' % len(artist_list))
if len(artist_list):
if headphones.ADD_ARTISTS:'Importing %i new artists' % len(artist_list))
else:'To add these artists, go to Manage->Manage New Artists')
headphones.NEW_ARTISTS = artist_list
if headphones.DETECT_BITRATE:
headphones.PREFERRED_BITRATE = sum(bitrates)/len(bitrates)/1000
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