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Getting a 403 error forbidden from #386

adbu33 opened this Issue · 16 comments

First off great job on headphones, it works awesome.

Keep getting this error after only adding a few artists to headphones.

2011-11-08 22:25:44 WARNING Attempt to query MusicBrainz for boston failed: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden

I have to wait for awhile then I am able to add more artists, but then receive the same error after adding ~5 artists. Is there something im doing wrong or is headphones quering musicbrainz for too much information?


Getting the same error. I am hoping that it is just a temporary issue with MusicBrainz.


Same error today.
Version: "8d80c6d1b6de7f20d8d24388e6609b65ae1f5744"

WARNING Attempt to query MusicBrainz for Bruno Mars failed: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden

I have two installations and both have the same problem now. Few days ago there was no problem.


Version 8d80c6d


haven't added anything in a few weeks or so, but I'm gettin the same error today. Seems to be for anything headphones searches for


+1 - installed for the first time yesterday..... thought I'd done something wrong till I found this thread.


Same thing here. First time I test the application.
Every artist it searches causes an entry like this in the log:
WARNING: Attempt to retrieve artist information from MusicBrainz failed for artistid: ... Sleeping 5 seconds
together with this one:
WARNING: Attempt to query MusicBrainz for ... failed: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden

What is strange is, I am able to query musicbrainz via the web service manually, eg pointing my browser to:
turns up an xml result.
I assume it is this web API that is used, haven't had the time to have a look at the source yet.




Please see [1] for instructions on how to fix this. AFAIK, this policy change is a result of heavy web service requests [2] coming from some applications.



Does headphones happen to query MB intensively at a particular time of the day? If so, it might very well be actually the culprit of the load problems :/


It seems that MusicBrainz rejects those requests because of a not compliant user agent.

userAgent is defined in (under headphones/lib/musicbrainz2).
After line 249 i added a new line which appends a URL to the user agent:
userAgent = 'python-musicbrainz/' + musicbrainz2.version
userAgent = userAgent + ' ( )'

After removing webservice.pyc and a restart, it works for me.

Hope that helps!


pkrauer that worked perfectly, thanks!


thx pkrauer



Please see my comment on the pull request; there is an updated version of python-musicbrainz2 that can deal with setting a proper User-Agent without you needing to play around with custom patches to your libraries, which I'm sure you'd prefer to avoid :)


I've seen it. Thanks for the information.


I guess you can close this one and keep #445


@rembo10 rembo10 closed this
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