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Begall commented Oct 13, 2012

I have Headphones running on a Ubuntu server, along with XBMC. If I SSH into the server and manually look up the folders that Headphones has downloaded, it looks as follows:

/media/F8F41E22F41DE422/Downloads/Music/Hoobastank$ ls
2012 - Fight or Flight
Hoobastank - Self Titled
Hoobastank - Every Man For Himself
Hoobastank - The Reason
Hoobastank - For(n)ever

The top entry in that list is the one that Headphones has downloaded. So far, so good right? However, I cannot cd into that directory name. Additionally, playing a file in that folder through XBMC gives a log entry like so:

\\Music\Hoobastank\25PAB6~M\01 - This Is Gonna Hurt.mp3

And '25PAB6~M' is also the name that appears when I browse the shares through SMB on another PC in the network. This seems to be a problem with every album that Headphones has downloaded. Any ideas? Cheers.

Edit - I tell a lie. An album that Headphones downloaded and renamed to: Living Things (2012) displays properly. Related to the options I'm currently using perhaps? It's set to $Artist/$Year - $Album

doskir commented Oct 13, 2012

The fact that you can't cd into the folder is concering but the 25PAB6~M is caused by samba, set the setting "mangled names" to no, a bit of googling tells me that some NAS's break if mangled names are enabled,maybe ubuntu doesn't like it either.
Just to check, you did escape the spaces with \ when you tried cd'ing into the folder right ?

Begall commented Oct 13, 2012

I tried to cd into the folder with:

cd '2012 - Fight or Flight'

So the spaces should have been accounted for with the quotations. If it's a Samba issue fair enough, but how come basically everything else displays cleanly aside from directories that Headphones has created?

Begall commented Nov 17, 2012

Rembo: I know from the other issue referenced here you thought it was a SMB issue. However, on an album that Headphones downloaded and renamed, the problem extends beyond SMB.

In this instance the album is 'The Truth About Love (2012)' by P!nk. I've SSH'd into the server and this is the result of ls:

/media/F8F41E22F41DE422/Downloads$ cd 'Music/P!nk'
/media/F8F41E22F41DE422/Downloads/Music/P!nk$ ls
P!nk - Greatest Hits...So Far!!! (Deluxe Edition) The Truth About Love (2012)

On Windows 7 browsing through SMB, the name is displayed as:


When I try and cd into 'The Truth About Love (2012)' it fails with:

/media/F8F41E22F41DE422/Downloads/Music/P!nk$ cd 'The Truth About Love (2012)'
-bash: cd: The Truth About Love (2012): No such file or directory

I'm also unable to cd into it using the folder name shown via SMB.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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