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A Python command-line tool for parsing information from Apache log files.
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This is a Python script and command-line tool, with no dependencies, that allows parsing data from Apache log files.

At this time it supports generating supports for:

  • uri - pageviews for each uri
  • time - datetime with highest request/second
  • status_code - hits for each http status code
  • referral - uris of referring sites
  • agent - hits for each user agent
  • subscriptions - the number of feed subscribers per uri. This is done by parsing user agents for their subscriber count.


Here are some example uses:

python access.log subscriptions
python access.log uri --quantity 5
python access.log agent --cutoff 100

There is help available at the command-line as well.

python --help

User agents successfully parsed for feed subscribers

These are the feeds that have been tested against the feed subscription system:

Feedfetcher-Google; (+; 3 subscribers; feed-id=7675226481817637975)
Netvibes (; 5 subscribers; feedId: 5404723)
Bloglines/3.1 (; 1 subscriber)
NewsGatorOnline/2.0 (; 1 subscribers) 1 Subscribers
AideRSS/1.0 (; 2 subscribers
xianguo-rssbot/0.1 (; 1 subscribers)
Fastladder FeedFetcher/0.01 (; 1 subscriber)
HanRSS/1.1 (; 1 subscriber)
livedoor FeedFetcher/0.01 (; 1 subscriber)


This script draws inspiration and code from:

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