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Commits on May 11, 2012
  1. @redmunds

    Merge pull request #859 from cfjedimaster/master

    redmunds authored
    Adds a title to the project folder in the sidebar
Commits on May 10, 2012
  1. @jasonsanjose

    Merge pull request #858 from adobe/randy/perfutils-refactor

    jasonsanjose authored
    Refactor PerfUtils for TypingSpeedLogger functionality
  2. @redmunds

    code review changes

    redmunds authored
  3. @cfjedimaster
  4. @tvoliter

    Merge pull request #853 from adobe/glenn/issue-827

    tvoliter authored
    looks good merging.
  5. @gruehle

    Merge pull request #845 from adobe/jason-sanjose/issue800

    gruehle authored
    Project panel bug fixes
  6. @redmunds

    refactor perfutils to allow measurement to be updated. update TypingS…

    redmunds authored
    …peedLogger to use new perfutils api.
  7. @jasonsanjose

    fix comment for _setWidth

    jasonsanjose authored
  8. @jasonsanjose
  9. @jasonsanjose
  10. @gruehle

    Update CodeMirror SHA

    gruehle authored
  11. @njx


    njx authored
  12. @jasonsanjose

    fix merge issues

    jasonsanjose authored
  13. @jasonsanjose
  14. @jasonsanjose
  15. @jasonsanjose
  16. @redmunds
  17. @jasonsanjose
  18. @jasonsanjose

    Merge branch 'refs/heads/master' into jason-sanjose/issue800

    jasonsanjose authored
Commits on May 9, 2012
  1. @jasonsanjose
  2. @redmunds
  3. @njx

    Merge pull request #840 from adobe/glenn/issue-776

    njx authored
    Improve automatic indentation
  4. @gruehle
  5. @gruehle

    Update CodeMirror SHA

    gruehle authored
  6. @tvoliter
  7. @GarthDB

    fixed conflict with master

    GarthDB authored
  8. @gruehle
  9. @GarthDB

    fixed the dumb ol issue that I thought I fixed before with the indent…

    GarthDB authored
    …. @tvoltier found it with his hawk eyes.
  10. @peterflynn

    Merge pull request #842 from adobe/tvoliter/issue-811

    peterflynn authored
    Fixing issue 811 -- escape strings used in regex expressions
  11. @gruehle

    Fix regex

    gruehle authored
  12. @redmunds

    Merge pull request #833 from adobe/tvoliter/issue-735

    redmunds authored
    Adding comment to prevent issue #735
  13. @pthiess

    Merge pull request #849 from mikechambers/Fix848

    pthiess authored
    Changes default encoding from 'utf-8' to 'utf8'.
  14. @jasonsanjose

    Merge pull request #846 from adobe/randy/cleanup-style-names

    jasonsanjose authored
    Issue #408 - cleanup style names
  15. @redmunds

    merge changes from master

    redmunds authored
  16. @gruehle

    Fix whitespace check.

    gruehle authored
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